My name is Chun Yui Ko and my nicknames are…

Tony aka Just Jun MC aka Changster aka Chang

I am a hip hop musician and mc, dj, entrepreneur, blogger, and soon to be actor and writer. My main interests are music, entertainment, films, breakdancing, martial arts, chatting, basketball, TV, women, blogging, mysteries, crime investigations, science and news. I am from Hongcouver (Vancouver BC Canada) and am global. I graduated high school and have a diploma in audio engineering and music production/song writing as well as a SE Program Business Diploma. Besides that, I have a breakdance crew based in Vancouver BC Canada and we perform as “Changster Bboys” or “Ballroom Blitz”. Our crew is a loose knit group of friends interested in breakdance. The performers all have their own crews and other crews they work with as well as with me. We have a fair working relation. I also book my female gogo dancers and samba dancers. My links are below and I need to update the sites soon =). Please enjoy my blog! It will simply be my random interests that spark my interest.

Vancouver BC Canada Breakdancers, DJ, Samba, Capoeira, & Female Gogo Squad – Holla if u need me to deejay and spin, or any of my other performers

My Music Composing Site – will be debuting my tunes soon for sale and itunes… site needs some updates


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