RIP Amanda Todd Plus My Personal Opinion On Bullying

I would like to send my personal condolences to Amanda Todd and her family due to the unfortunate circumstances that led to her death. She is from my hometown of Vancouver BC in the suburb of Coquitlam BC. She had been tormented and bullied by various people as she grew up and had some guys try to blackmail her and had stalked her for years. I am hoping that they find the people responsible, as stalking, cyber-harassment, and child pornography are crimes in the Country of Canada. Amanda had one time flashed someone on the net when she was 12, and had ongoing stalking and harassment of this, and even someone attempt to blackmail her for sexual reasons. This led to depression and our little soldier was not strong enough to pull through and ended her own life by suicide. It is cowardly to take advantage of a weaker person, as well as a child, to stalk, harass, and blackmail into gaining child pornography pictures from her and other issues.

Bullying and the targeting of victims is not a new phenomenon and hopefully in the future it can end. Generally people like these enjoy the suffering of others. Everyone jokes and pokes fun once in a while but there are times where lines should be drawn, and it is something I never cross. I enjoy good natured fun but would never want to hurt anyone intentionally, although I will admit I have lost my own cool to get back at people. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, however, this issue and many others are examples of what happens when things go overboard.

Bullying is no different from the predators we hear about who prey on people’s weaknesses in the news, as it is essentially the same thing. It is also relatable to many because I believe we all have faced it before in our lives. I have been stalked, been called many names (ranging from chink, paki, n*gger, gook, etc.), been attacked, been threatened, and targeted before myself. I moved on myself when these issues arised but some can not keep moving on. The scary part of growing up now is that there are also gangs & simply telling people does not necessarily stop the problem. For example, if a victim speaks out, the perpetrator of the victimization will get his gang or crew of friends to further threaten the victim and the torment.

There are no simple answers or simple solutions to this ongoing problem that can transcend from childhood to adulthood. Many psychologists have stated that perpetrators may escalate their victimization and each act from the perp gets worse and more evil and depraved…

A prime example of this type of psychological profile fit is the State of Florida vs George Zimmerman in the second degree murder charge when he killed an unarmed kid, a kid who was walking home with Skittles & Ice Tea. George Zimmerman before this incident has a long history of targeting and victimizing people with his weapons of stalking, harassment, threats, manipulation, violence, or a combination of these weapons.

George had targeted a kid named Trayvon Martin, a kid that just turned 17. George is an adult at the age of 29, and committed this murder at the age of 28. Just as George had done in the past of targeting people he deemed less than entitled for his selfish gains, he did the same to Trayvon Martin. George, without any reasonable proof, targeted his victim, perceived him as up to no good, on drugs, an asshole who always gets away, a f***in coon/punk, and because of that deemed him not worthy of rights on George’s turf.

George was heard on a police call he made targeting and stalking then chasing this kid Trayvon with this angry and hateful attitude. George had a gun at the time of the incident, which he used to make a credible threat against an unarmed kid who only had candy, whom George held a physical and aggressive and experience with violence over the kid Trayvon. Trayvon by records has no history of violence, was known as a scrawny nerdy bookworm type and weighed a bit over 150 pounds at death, 5 foot 11. George was 5’8 and weighed over 200 pounds.

George had stalked and chased Trayvon by car and then foot, shot the kid, then sat on his back while the kid was pinned facedown, asphyxiating him causing the trauma of global brain edema and a gun shot, that led to the kid’s death. The kid was heard screaming for mercy but as perpetrators and bullies go, the signs of weakness in their victim, turn them on and get them off.

My opinion is that we should learn to identify signs before tragedies arise as a result of victimization and bullying. We need to teach our next generation values, bravery, honor and teach them to respect life. We need to teach our next generation the art of avoidance and trying peaceful amends to situations that are negative. We need to teach our kids to be strong and rise up, internally and externally. We also should be fine examples and have each other’s backs when other’s are weak. Amanda Todd is a tragedy that could have been avoided, as well as many other cases of preying on victims.


Just Jun MC



    • changsterdj

      You asked

      So why is that when I present my opinion in an adult manner without cussing or name calling, do you choose to attack me with name calling and insults?

      Let’s be real, you do not present your opinion like an adult and you routinely harass a deceased person who happens to be a kid. You hide your intent and racism by trying to talk sideways. If you did not talk sideways, I would not talk to you sideways.

      Why is it that when I asked you to stop, you told you wouldnt as long as I continued to present my opinion which differs yours?

      I have seen you post all over the net in regards to the Trayvon Martin case and you are racist and you constantly demean a deceased and killed kid who can not even defend himself, so please. I have not bothered you. However, if you are being a racist, a bully, and a coward, I will call you out on it, I call it how I see it. You show some respect and I will be glad to show you respect. However, you have not shown an ounce of respect and continually blame others for issues that have nothing to do with them and you routinely target blacks. I also stated that I would be willing to debate with you if you stayed on the subject instead of resorting to attacking others and using the case to attack others and use it as a spin for your own agenda.

      Please explain how you can speak on bullying when you are basically doing the same thing to me?

      I have not bullied you. You were cyber harassing others and bullying others and I am just calling you out on your bigotry.

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