This is a case I am following and I feel the defense is being low brow and dirty with this recent incantation.

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Crane and I have taken a few days off to take care of other business, We are doing well and in good health.

The next court hearing is October 19th before Judge Debra Nelson. She scheduled the hearing to consider the State’s motion to quash the defense subpoenas for Trayvon’s school records. The State contends that O’Mara issued and served the subpoenas in violation of Florida’s criminal rules that require court approval before they can be served.

O’Mara issued the subpoenas pursuant to the civil rules that do not require approval. That was a rookie mistake since Zimmerman’s case is a criminal case.

Since O’Mara handles a mix of civil and criminal cases, he should be familiar with both sets of rules and the judicial-approval requirement for subpoenas in criminal cases.

I lack sufficient information to decide whether he was aware of the requirement and failed to adequately inform and…

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